Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Stranger Things Happen

So yesterday, I decided to go for a walk before the typhoon hit. There are apparently two big ones coming so I haven't worked for two days, it would be cooler to have two days off if I could go outside and also still get paid. Unfortunately it doesn't really work that way. Anyway as I was walking up to Zhongzheng gongyuan this woman stops me and starts talking to me. At first (because I had my headphones on) I didn't hear what she was saying so I just started speaking Chinese. Then she said "Nihonjin?" (Japanese?) and so I said, "Yes! Well, sort of." anyway it turns out she spoke some English so I just took her where she wanted to go. She told me that I look very Japanese, which of course is completely at odds with all the Taiwanese people who have told me that I don't look Japanese at all but look Chinese. Maybe I should rip off Nien and start keeping a list.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i think maybe your lighter skin tone makes you look more japanese to me. but i suppose it doesnt make much difference anyway.

lots of people think im korean....i always get koreans coming up to me and jabbering in korean until they notice that i dont have a clue what they're saying.....