Tuesday, August 16, 2005

My incredible reading ability

I have discovered the limits of my reading ability. I can read little boy's comic books, the 80 NT manga fairly easily, even if there are characters I don't know. In English they probably take me about 30 minutes to read cover to cover, but in Chinese, I'm barely through the first section.

The first one I tried, Naruto is all about ninjas and magic, which some people at Reed (Stacey and Michelle) had showed me in English. So as an experiment I bought one that I had never read before to see if I was actually reading or just remembering the plot from Naruto.

This one, Deathnote, seems to be about a teenage boy who is incredibly smart and comes upon some Death God's book where if you write someone's name in the book and visualize their face they will die in 40 seconds. The Death God also follows him around, but naturally only this guy can see him. I don't know if this one was translated into English, I mainly picked it because I thought the art was cool. Perhaps Laurel is right and I am secretly a goth.


Anonymous said...

"secretly?" =p


lovelesscynic said...

quiet you.

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