Monday, August 08, 2005


For the first time since I was six, I went into a McDonalds. I think I had about the same thing I had the last time I went. A strawberry milkshake and some fries, and like the last time I went, I had an upset stomach afterwards. Other than that, the McDonalds in Jilong is quite fancy. It has 4 stories. 3 for seating and one for ordering and food getting. It's pretty crazy on the first floor with children running around and screaming. However, I will say that McDonalds has some very nice bathrooms and they are incredibly clean. In fact, I think I'd rather hang out in the bathrooms than hang out in McDonalds.

It's Taiwan's Father's Day today. So the people upstairs gave me some cake. I'm not entirely sure why, since I'm not really a father or anything. Anyway, I've started taking pictures with my camera and my roommate tells me that for an extra 100 NT you can get them burned onto a CD. If I do do that, perhaps I'll figure out how to upload them onto here so you can see what I see. I'll have to finish the roll although this weekend I took about 15. Only 20 more to go. Most of those were in Taibei taken with my incredibly unhip SLR camera.

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