Tuesday, August 02, 2005

One Thing Leading To Another

You know those times that you go out for something really simple and then one thing just sort of happens after another? Yesterday, while having a conversation with my roommate about tourist vs. traveller mentality, the kids from downstairs came over. I'd had sort of a bad day, and I had just drunk the last of my water, so I suggested that I needed to buy water and perhaps we could continue the conversation on the way. This ended up with both of us wandering around Jilong at night talking, then one of my roommate's coworkers called and we met her at the McDonalds. She took us up to this place which is sort of like a park by the bus station which I've never been to before and we ended up talking until midnight. His coworker seems really cool and it was interesting to talk to her, she spoke to me mostly in Chinese, most of which I understood, which is always a plus for me.


ASJ said...

Hey clara,
I got connected to your blog via eben. I'm in Ilan now and colin is coming to taipei in a few weeks. We should get together.

jeff chang said...

is this the clara i think it is from reed? i'm jeff chang, i went to reed for a year in 03, and i live in taipei...i haven't seen any reedies in a really really long time...haha

i got here from alia's blog, i'm her year, so...
anyway i have a xanga at www.xanga.com/jaja333 , so feel free to leave a message or something :-D