Monday, August 08, 2005

Disoccidented #4

In Taiwan, there are people who apparently get paid some pittance to stand on street corners or other frequented places and try to hand you leaflets for something or other. Most of the time I try to avoid them, but every now and again I get sort of guilty and take one, just in case these people are getting paid by the number of leaflets they can unload on people. While I was in Taibei, I was handed this newsletter about practicing your English. This is certainly one thing that I don't need.

Also while eating at Mickey D's, Vincent, Shuqin's husband revealed that workers at McDonalds in Taiwan get paid $80 an hour. In reference I get paid $550 an hour to teach children which is approximately $9.30 American. You couldn't even pay talking chipmunks to work for that amount.

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