Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Edison Chen the American Dragon

So, part of the reason, besides the lack of internet access in my apartment, for no updates, although I update way more than all of you, is because my friend from high school, "Edison Chen" came to visit me on Saturday. I'll probably write more about the stuff I've seen in the last couple days. This is mainly a list for me to remember stuff before it's lost in the cracks of my memory.

1. The old man in the MRT
2. Shilin Night Market
3. eating
4. walking
5. the summer party
6. The Contemporary Art Museum


Anonymous said...

I thought Nien was the American Dragon. Upstaged?

lovelesscynic said...

I don't know who this is, but "Edison Chen" is a sort of in joke that you can get if you read his blog.

Nien will always be the American Dragon. Generally I try to stay away from mentioning people that I know by name if they have unusual names.

Anonymous said...

You know when sometimes people will ask for your name at fast food places or resturants so they can call you when your order is up?
Have you ever given a different name than the one you have?


lovelesscynic said...

No one has ever asked me my name, so it's never come up. I guess if it did I would be tempted to use my Chinese name.