Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Strange Coincidences

So I went to Taibei again this afternoon and met my friend who lives in Taibei. We had lunch in the area around Shida University, which seems pretty cool, much more student-like than Ximending (curse you, Lonely Planet). We then wandered around in the heat talking about things. In the course of the conversation, Alice Wu's film Saving Face came up. My friend revealed that when she and her now ex-girlfriend went to New York they ran into a woman on the plane who they ended up sharing a cab with. The cabdriver got lost and they were stuck in traffic at 1 in the morning in an area that you don't want to be in. The driver decided to cut off some gangsters in a pimped out ride. I honestly don't know how he manages to survive in New York. They then got out of the car and started threatening the driver and beating the shit out of the taxi. Eventually they managed to get away, and the woman in the cab was Alice Wu, who made the most successful Asian American film of the year, not that that's hard. Anyway, Saving Face was a film that combined several aspects of my identity with one of my greatest hatreds, romantic comedies.


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kvr said...

Okay, the website for this film demonstrates what problems I have with Asian-American films across the board. They take themselves so seriously. Jesus, by looking at the site you'd think that the film was a goddamn tragedy. No hint of funny. I'm so annoyed with the self-awareness that I pretty much don't want to see it. Sheesh.

lovelesscynic said...

Saving Face is alright. I had my doubts going into it, but for such a cliched premise, it actually does a lot with it and it is often quite funny while often being quite accurate I find. However, if you want to see an Asian American movie that isn't quite so self concious, I recommend Better Luck Tomorrow, my favorite Asian American film of all time, and also one of my favorite films of all time, or Charlotte Sometimes. Both are worth seeing I think.