Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Far East Movement- Satisfaction

FM doesn't necessarily make my world a better place, but they're eminently listenable. I'm glad that they've graduated from girls who look like they have naked pictures out there on the internet to women that look like car show models since their last video.

A hilarious moment

Walking behind four punk-ish teenagers, a car drove by blaring bad trance-ish dance music. Simultaneously all 4 of them started dancing on the sidewalk. And as the car drove out of earshot, they kept walking. All without saying anything.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

My new boss or Conversations from work

Me: How do you like Seattle?
New Boss: Oh it's great. There aren't very many blacks or Hispanics here. I feel very safe.
Me: (resisting urge to just leave the room).........I don't think that all black people or Hispanic people are criminals. To self (Just think about the PhD, in only 5 months this will no longer be your problem.)

There are no fucking words sometimes. There just aren't.

This looks really cool

Sometimes movie trailers can be an art. I think no matter how good the movie is, the trailer is exceptionally well put together. Honestly sometimes trailers are better than the movie itself. You can always imagine a better movie from the best images and excerpts. Also trailers have their own certain flow to them. I feel this one flows very well.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I'm whiter than I thought. Ouch.

Anyway, for the people who actually know me in real life, yes, I am going to go get a PhD. And live in the middle of nowhere and tell everyone how uncultured they are apparently. I will be going somewhere in Southern California. That much is certain. Most everything else is not certain, which would explain a 2 month bout with insomnia.

More later.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

地下婴儿 -觉醒

Possibly the most American thing I have ever seen

I went to Costco today with my father and his fiancee, and in a cart, I saw two boxes for some weight loss smoothie mix, and a strawberry cheesecake.