Friday, May 06, 2005

Random thoughts

I haven't really written in this in a while. It feels sort of weird to be writing things that aren't going to be reviewed and critiqued by someone with a PhD. I got hit on the head with a bottle during Renn Fayre and I've been feeling sort of out of it since then.

However, I have reread all of Love and Rockets by Jaime Hernandez, so it's all good.

Lucy Liu is going to star in a vampire movie, and Harold and Kumar go to White Castle was nominated for two MTV movie awards. Go Asian Americans.

I'm not necessarily sure that anyone else will care, but I've been wondering whether the director of Better Luck Tomorrow, Justin Lin has perhaps sold out, he's directing a boxing movie for Disney and then the remake of Oldboy a Korean movie, with very few Asian American actors, although to be fair Roger Fan is in Annapolis.

On a semi related note, what's with all these underdog sports stories that seem to be Seabiscuit knockoffs? Cinderella Man, the Greatest Game Ever Played? I think this says something about American but I'm not sure what exactly.