Sunday, May 27, 2007


I just saw Spiderman 3. It wasn't as bad as Ilyka Damen's review said it was. However, it was nowhere near as hilarious as the review was either. The movie made me chuckle grudgingly once or twice in a theater full of laughing people. However, the review made laugh out loud in an empty house at least 3 times and I read it twice.

So overall, I recommend the review over the movie. Plus the review is free and much shorter.

In other news, Little Light started posting again about identity and labels in general and her Pinay label in particular. They're both really really good. You should read them. I really like the Pinay one in particular, but I've got a one track mind.

Uh, also the typhoon season just started like right now. It's thundering mightily and pouring down rain, and it was sunny about an hour ago. Who's really glad that she didn't procrastinate about mailing the last box? Me!

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