Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Three things

I will miss about Taiwan
1) The food, (dumplings with kimchee in them, dumplings with corn in them, edible seaweed, which is eaten like a snack food, and kind of tastes like popcorn, dou hua, rice whenever I want it, pineapple fried rice, passion fruit sodas, passion fruit flavored green tea, mango juice, handcut noodles, mochi, the abundance of red bean, the abundance of sesame seed paste, che lun bing, taro, bubble tea that's not too sweet, drinkable yogurt that is not a crime against god, uh I could go on for a while)
2) Cheap and plentiful public transportation
3) Cheap but high quality books, oh the books.

I will not miss about Taiwan
1) Fur Elise as played by the garbage truck, also having to wait for the garbage truck at 8:30 at night to throw out the garbage
2) The Jilong Police Department, (I shake my fist at you!)
3) Running out of gas in the middle of the winter and then having to take a cold shower because the gas store is closed.

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Anonymous said...

that about sums it up for me also. although...i havent had any trouble with the law.

I miss also:
1) Nightlife
2) Book rental shops
3) Taiwanese pastries

What I dont miss:
2) Humid Heat
3) Bitchy clothing store clerks who *never* have your size.