Monday, May 07, 2007

Dammit, they got me!

After studiously avoiding the alumni office of my Illustrious Alma Mater, they've e-mailed me. And just what the hell is a "high spring" issue anyway? It's frickin early May, shouldn't it at least by Late Spring? Or if we're going to pretentious, as they often are, Spring in Decline?


magniloquence said...

Ha! They'll get us all, in the end.

I don't know what the spring thing is about, though. I didn't actually read it. Heh.

Laurel said...

Amber keeps threatening to give them my phone number. I get their emails and their paper mailings, but those [expletive deleted] will never get my number. DO YOU HEAR ME??? OR MY MONEY!!!!

Except for that time that I sat down and wrote a letter to the Dive explaining what conditions would have to be met for me to send money to Reed. Of course I didn't send it, but it was less than a month later that I found out one of my demands was met when a certain D----- D----- got canned. I felt like maybe I should send them five bucks. But didn't.

Knitting said...

Because I live with two other alumni, we get three copies of everything the alumni association sends out. We've requested they consolidate our mail, but no dice so far. It's ridiculous.