Saturday, May 12, 2007

On Moving

I really hate moving. Which is hilarious since I have moved 3 times in less than 2 years. And before that, I would move twice a year. But it's also an interesting time, you can really feel, in actually physical ways, just how much shit you have accumulated, and how much of it you really don't need. I usually end up moving more stuff to the trash than I pack.

I knew someone once who only had 3 boxes of possessions and she said her goal was to work down to one.

Sometimes moving gives me this slight sense of not being quite real. Since when you move, you are, to some extent erasing the evidence that you lived here, to some extent.

I think before this sort of being in transition used to scare me, because it is, by nature, uncertain. I don't think it scares me anymore. I'm not sure why.

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magniloquence said...

Gracious. I'm not good at moving. I... nest, for lack of a better word. Uprooting all that shit takes a lot of effort.

I had 24 boxes to ship back home when I graduated from our illustrious Alma Mater... and that's after my mom made me donate all of my cookware, furniture, and large durable items (wicker baskets, large mirrors, etc.) to either the boys (The Ex; his Mexican Friend who really should have graduated, not the one that springs to mind with the really cute skirts, but the other one with the knives and the vest and whatnot; That Guy who was in your year but went to Germany so he graduated with me instead; and Those Other Guys That Lived With Them. Mostly The Mexican.), or Goodwill. And my entire family came with one suitcase apeice, so I could give them a suitcase full of my stuff to take on the plane. Which made...eight suitcases (nine? I don't remember), plus all that other stuff, heh.

.... yeah.

And unless you've seriously changed since I last saw you, you probably have less stuff than my sister brought home (although it may be in much less portable form)... she only brought two suitcases home from school, but they weighed 69 and 87 pounds apiece. Ow.

But good luck with the packing and stuff! I know that's a pain.