Friday, May 25, 2007

Jesus Mary

Holy Mother of God what a day! My final day of work went fine, there was some crying, a few gifts. A demand that I not leave. A suggestion that I was leaving because I was pregnant.

And then I come home and the goddamn door will not open. The old lock finally went and broke and the door was goddamn stuck. So I'm essentially locked out of the house and cannot even open it with a key. And the locksmith's down the street is already closed.

Fortunately, I vaguely know my downstairs neighbor, who has mentioned that he thought the door was not all that great. So I knocked on his door and he was very nice and helped me find a locksmith. Only now the door won't close. So I'm kind of holding the door closed with a chair.

Anyway, the point of this story is that I am stressed out and grumpy. I have a couple ideas, I'll probably post them in a bit. However, my only thought at the moment after reading about Hutto, is that I think I actually want to encourage more global warming. I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that the human race really doesn't deserve to be alive.

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