Tuesday, May 01, 2007

So it's a couple days late

but I've been pretty busy. Anyway, I was surfing the internet and was reminded that it's been fifteen years since Rodney King. For those of you who don't know (or don't remember) I was actually born in Ellay, and I was living there at the time.

My memories of the actual event aren't all that profound. I remember hearing about the video from my mom. And I remember not understanding how a guy could be beaten almost to death by police officers. I really didn't understand how they got let off. I didn't at the time, I still don't really.

Where we lived, we were pretty much away from what was happening. I still went to school. But for about three days half my class wasn't there. (Proof the magnet schools were doing their jobs I guess, even if the school was in Brentwood most of the kids weren't from there.) My class was part of a team teaching thing, and it was actually the only time class A and class B had class together that I can remember.

I remember watching stuff on TV. People looting a Toys R Us that my family went to sometimes. People holding things up in front of their faces before the news cameras and things like that.

I remember a Korean woman crying on TV.

I don't have any adult assessments of the whole story. Or any moral lessons to take from it. There have been a lot of studies and historical research done on it, and how it fits into a larger picture of uprisings in the US in general. I'd like to read them when I'm back in the states. My Hella Whitewashed Institution of Higher Learning didn't really have those types of books, and I was really into the Chinese studies thing at the time anyway. However, it did leave an impression on me, and it's one of those things, when people bring it up, I remember that I was there.

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