Monday, November 14, 2005

Things that irritate me when I think about them

So many doors here especially on coffee shops and convenience stores have sensors attatched to them so they only open if there's someone there. As my friend Daniel astutely noticed yesterday, the sensors are height sensitive so many women don't quite reach them and instead have to wave their hand above their head like fools. My question is, "Why, in a country full of short women (and men) couldn't you just make the sensor lower?"


nien said...

i always thought the sensor was on the ground. like a kmart, i remember pushing carts into the building that the carts were no higher than my waist. also, do little kids have to wave their hands to get in too?

lovelesscynic said...

Well, considering I can't reach it, probably little kids have to either go in with their parents, or they have to wait till someone else goes in and then walk in after them.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's refreshing to know that places other than America are biased against short people?