Tuesday, November 08, 2005

On the train

At the risk of sounding creepy, there are days when I wish I could unobtrusively take pictures on the train. Unlike the bus here, where you just sit in your own seat and zone out, on the train you get to peoplewatch a lot. And especially since 國光 raised their rates to 51塊 a trip, I'm going to be taking the train a lot.

However I sometimes get the sense that there are tons of stories taking place on the train. More than other places I end up wondering what other people's lives are like. For example, last night as I was coming home, I sat opposite from two incredibly hip high school students (probably coming home from cram school) who looked like they should be in a teen movie. A couple people down was another couple who instead looked like they came out of some avant garde film, particularly the woman. Standing against one wall was another woman who looked vaguely pissed off and tired who just was leaning against the wall.

Also right next to the high school guys was this old man sleeping and he really looked like one of them. So I ended up thinking, "Yeah, you look cool now, but wait 30 years and you'll look like him."

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Daniel said...

In another thirty years, we will all look like him :)