Tuesday, November 15, 2005


So in Taiwan the word for butter can also mean cream or occaisionally a custard-like cream substance put in pastries.

On a completely unrelated note, due to the proximity of the election the candidates have rented these trucks equipped with loudspeakers which constantly blare out about how great each candidate is. If I was a driver of one of those things I think I would kill myself. Furthermore someone parked it on the intersection near my house around 8 am, probably to catch commuters as they were off to work. If I could lay my hands on that guy, I'd probably kill him.


Anonymous said...

its called election aural-meningitis. common symptoms include violent impuses and a need to down ten pounds of stinky tofu.


lovelesscynic said...

Funny that you said that, but shortly after that day, I have had a craving for stinky tofu.

nien said...

you know in my neighborhood there where dudes who rode around on bikes with a microphones saying things like: "air conditioning, refridgerator, cheap and reliable" over and over.