Friday, November 25, 2005


so this isn't particularly relevant for me, but for those of you in the states, there's this new MTV station, MTV Chi which is supposed to be the representative of Chinese pop to America. The counterpart of MTV Desi which I hear is already up and running. I'm sort of curious about what you guys (in particular ABCs think about this.) I actually find their choices of music videos interesting because they are not particularly current and also they seem much more rock and roll-esque than the stuff that seems to be playing in Taiwan right now.


Michelle Dong said...

MTV Chi sounds interesting, but I don't have cable (LOL, right now I don't even have heat--too expensive) so I can't exactly give my opinion on it. Sounds more like a novelty than anything though, and probably won't stick around very long.


Anonymous said...

the asian font is seriously annoying.

-the other Michelle