Monday, November 07, 2005

In the spirit of Pan Asian collaboration

So recently I bought Jay Chou's new CD (it was 248 NT at Rose Music, sue me) and I may be going crazy but I could have sworn that Jay lifted a beat off of Panjabi MC in the second track of the CD. Overall, I though the CD was pretty good, not the best he's ever done but it was pretty solid.

Also there's a new girl band in town (and this is like girl band as in S.H.E. rather than girl band as in Sleater Kinney) called Yummy. Anyway on one of their MVs I'm pretty sure I heard another bhangra-esque beat as well.

Have my dreams of Pan Asian collaboration finally come true?


Anonymous said...

I think thats a pretty far off dream. Most Asians don't like each other, or really even think of themselves as part of any group larger than their nation, and sometimes even thats a reach. Asia is too diverse, I don't think there is enough to bring people together.

Anonymous said...

oh but not in music! nor in pop culture. crossovers are so "in" now. korean singers singing chinese versions of their songs, taiwanese soap operas derived from japanese manga, i think this could be the start of something nice.

im not surprised, about indian music sneaking into chinese pop. bhangra is so infectious.