Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Harry Potter and Infernal Affairs

I saw the Harry Potter movie on the weekend. And it was really good. I had forgotten what happened in the book so I was actually sort of surprised by some of the things that happened. Also, the special effects were really really good. That aside, those kids have definitely started to grow up. Both the actors who play Harry and Ron are looking rather massive and Hermione has developed a very sharp chin. It's actually amazing that it's as good as it is considering that some of the actors suck. Daniel Radcliffe and the girl who plays Hermione are both pretty good and carry the movie. The actor who plays Ron just has one expression and it's a pretty annoying one. However maybe we should expect that much from an actor who got his start in a movie called Thunderpants.

That aside, I also watched Infernal Affairs 2, and it sort of confirms that not only is it an awesome movie, but that it's even better than Infernal Affairs 1.


Anonymous said...

i agree with you on both accounts, but my only problem with goblet of fire was that the plotline was really choppy. And there were too many climaxes. and everyone was sort of stunned and amazed for every second of the movie. and dumbledore was weird.

Internal Affairs1 and 2 are both top notch. I'm getting nightmares about the DiCaprio rip-off coming up in the US soon.

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