Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Yet more stories from Teaching English

so today was K8-83's party day, which is the day after the final, generally characterized by 2 hours of review games. Usually I gather this is something of a chore, because you have to think of millions of games with no lesson to plan around.

Anyway, since this class is so young and smart, you just have to give them a push and they go off by themselves. They are still my favorite class of all time, just a few more reasons why

1. One of the activities I had them do was a survey game where they ask other students what they like to do. Loud Andy, otherwise known as Andy Wu, was pestering Willy when Willy bursts out with "Chotto mate!"

2. Tina, the loudest girl in the class, came up and poked my tattoo for seriously about 2 minutes. Finally I asked her, "Are you done?" and she said "No, teacher, one more time!" and poked it again.

3. At the end of class, I told them they could ask me questions for 5 minutes. This involved among other things, an explanation of the difference between Washington State, and Washington DC, several graphic reenactments of Lincoln's assassination most of which were done by Willy who remains one of my favorite students. A request for me to name all of the presidents on Mount Rushmore, and probably some other stuff I'm forgetting.

王力宏 sightings: 1


nien said...

what the heck does "chotto mate" mean?

lovelesscynic said...

It's Japanese for "Wait a minute!" or maybe just "Wait!" My guess is that Willy watches a lot of Japanese cartoons.

Anonymous said...

you've seen 王力宏 in person??
what does he look like.....i mean, is he shorter than he looks on TV? And does he have pimples? Or moles? Is he snooty?


lovelesscynic said...

no no, just his picture you've got to go down a little further for the explanation. Yeah, I wonder about him because he's sort of unearthly good looking and he constantly is modeling for everything.

Although, my boss said that once he saw 周傑倫 in a park filming a music video. He said at first he didn't think it was him because as he said "I always thought he was taller in his music videos."

Anonymous said...

yes yes, sorry, i noticed that as i scrolled down ^_^

yeah, classic illusion....people always seem taller on TV.
i think i finally have Tom Cruise's real height down now that he's dating Katie Holmes.

on another note, my boyfriend was at the Mall of America yesterday, and he saw Wolfgang Puck, who he said was tiny.......