Sunday, September 25, 2005

Things I have seen

Today, I must have seen 王力宏 on various things at least 8 times. He's much more prevalent in Taibei for some reason. I've also seen Jolin, 周傑倫,and Stephanie Sun at least 5 times. Celebrities are so omnipresent here that sometimes I have a hard time figuring which is their primary hat. Is Kelly Chen a model who acts and sings. Or a singer who models and acts? Also, I've been surprised at how many celebrities are from different places. Chinese people who are ABCs, or from Singapore or Malaysia and other places.

Also many music videos seem to be doubling as cell phone commercials or other things. In fact, many artists seem to have done music videos for video games. So the primary make-up of the video will be scenes with elves from Warcraft or Everquest but in between there will be scenes of JJ Lin or Jay Chou dancing, sometimes in a beanie and baggy jeans in a castle (Jay) or in some labyrinth in a cape (JJ). These to me are the weirdest, because these two parts have nothing to do with each other, but then again, there's no really logical way to insert Jay Chou or JJ Lin into Everquest.

Also, many little girls here seem to have their hair incredibly elaborately braided and decorated until they look like cartoon characters. It must take their moms years to do this.

This may be influenced by where I work but I think I've seen more pregnant women in the three months I've been here than I have in the time I lived in Portland. And they say the birthrate is going down here.

Finally, the weirdest thing I saw today was a couple taking wedding pictures on the stairs of a museum while not two feet away a homeless man was sleeping on the stairs.

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ASJ said...

I think people must just go out more when they are pregers cause I see them all over the place and they are always wearing cute little dresses.