Sunday, September 25, 2005

Random Quiz

I posted earlier about Jay Chou's possible quest to conquer the West. I want to ask a question of all 5 people who read this regularly.

What do you think his first US/English language CD title would be if he were to make one?


Jamaica said...

Knowing nothing of Jay Chou but what you tell me, let's see... "soulful, unplugged fare with a lone piano accompaniment," eh?

"Soul of the dragon?"
"Sunrise of the dragon?"
"The tinkly piano of Love Me Dammit, I'm Pretty!"
"I am not twelve"
"Jay" (complete with artfully lit picture of him all dressed up, sitting at the piano, looking suspiciously like every other 'soulful piano' type)

Eh, I'm no good at this. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

hahaha! good ones Jamaica.

if they're smart about marketing, they'll make two versions: one incorporating the name "Jay" with the letter "Z" somehow. the other with a white woman on the cover.


nien said...

As a Jay Chou fan, I think I have a pretty good idea of what it might be:

"Nunchuck Fist Fury"

lovelesscynic said...

My own guess is something like Jay Chow/Chau/Cho (cause I think they would spell his name wrong) The Dragon from the East, The Emperor of Chinese Hip Hop, and then some picture of Jay a) dressed in a karate outfit, b) dressed as a monk c)dressed like the Emperor in the Last Emperor d) meditating e)dressed as a ninja f) dressed as a samurai, since as is abundantly clear from The Geisha movie, Americans see no distinction between Chinese people and Japanese people

the cover would either be red or black and be accompanied by ostentatious Chinese characters in gold or a picture of a dragon, or even better a dragon and a tiger.