Saturday, September 10, 2005


since I've been here, I've eaten a fair amount of food and there are a couple brief observations that I want to make. For one thing, there are several originally "Western" foods that I think the Taiwanese have perfected.
The tomato- there is actually a lot of tomato dishes in Taiwan, some are Western but some are sort of a mixture.
The waffle or crepe- usually filled to red bean or something suitably Asian, these are kind of awesome but only if they are fresh

Also a heads up for those of you who care, since I'm moving it may be a while till I get an internet connection in my home so updates may become a bit sparser. Also, Mom and Dad, stop calling my home phone since I won't live there anymore.

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Anonymous said...

i love the animal shaped ones. filled with cream. yummmm

how do you like the breakfast foods? the 豆漿 米漿 燒餅油條 蛋餅 etc etc?

燒餅油條 tastes the best if you dip it in hot豆漿 ;)