Thursday, September 08, 2005

My various lives

So, in order to rent the place that I'm going to rent, I get to have an elaborate secret life. For one thing, I stop being a 老外 (foreigner) and start being Chinese. I'm not even an ABC but a student from Taiwan who has studied in America for a long time (an explanation of why my Chinese is so bad). I also have my diploma from an American university (which is true). I use an American passport because I'm teaching English and it's therefore more useful than my Taiwanese passport (but I do have a Taiwanese passport). My mother and father are Taiwanese but they live in America. I'm here to absorb some Taiwanese culture. I'm also my friend's distant relative. And an added layer if the landlord asks why my last name on my ARC is a little long for a Chinese person's, (this was my concern) I'm supposed to say that my dad is Japanese but my mom is Taiwanese.

At this rate, I'm going to forget that I'm Japanese.


Jamaica said...

How... confusing. Good luck with that, though. Will you also don a mask and go out and fight crime? =p

Daniel said...

Wait, you mean you're not Chinese?

Jess said...

Remember the last time you tried to weave a web of lies? You almost entangled yourself and got caught.
Keep it up!

(yes yes fight crime!)

Anonymous said...

splendid this what you are telling the landlord?

the fighting crime idea is nice but i find that if Clara has to become overly muscular for the role it might be dissagreeable. and inconvenient.


lovelesscynic said...

it's what my friend told him anyway. I think you make an excellent point about becoming overly muscular. I have a difficult enough time finding clothes already!