Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Potatonet again

After wasting 50 kuai on an attempt to connect to a wireless network, I'm back in Potatonet internet cafe for a while folks. At least until I figure out (i.e. ask someone) how to get the internet in my apartment.

Moving was relatively painless although hot and tiring and I'm happy to be there and to have a window again. I've almost finished a roll of film, so when I have the internet and my own computer I'll upload some more pictures. Hopefully most of them will turn out.

The problem with internet cafes I find is that because they time you, I get kind of self conscious and don't know what to do or write when I'm here and then I have great ideas as soon as I'm gone.


Anonymous said...

how much is it? is it per hour or somthing?

lovelesscynic said...