Tuesday, September 27, 2005

City of Angels

A recent exchange between myself and one of my coworkers who just got back from China.

A: And there was this little boy in a park just pissing away with no shame at all.
Me: Just like in Los Angeles.
A: But it was all in the open and there were millions of people around.
Me: Just like in Los Angeles.

There are times when I wonder whether being born in a large, densely populated city where you can't drink the water or breathe the air and where people are known for being assholes is one of the reasons why the environment which seems to bother so many other foreigners here doesn't seem to bother me much. In fact I can breathe much better here than I could in Los Angeles.

Although one thing that Katrina showed us I think was that parts of the US are really similar to a third world country and (surprise surprise) the color of their skin is mostly the same.


Anonymous said...

All the crowded and blatant lack of regard for personal space, none of the allergens?

Laurel said...

I got a blog too. Now we can be blog friends.

Also, check out my photos: Portland, SCA mostly.

(Because the internet didn't have enough LAUREL in it!)

Anonymous said...

"In fact I can breathe much better here than I could in Los Angeles."

really? doesnt the acid rain scale on the weather scare you a bit tho? :D

I saw this on FOX the other day, and this was the title of the show: KATRINA: FACT OR FICTION?

I KID YOU NOT. At first, I couldnt believe my eyes, so I listened some more to see if they were going to talk about media cover-ups or downplaying the severity of the incident but........no.
the god-damned sons of bitches were talking about how the media EXAGGERATED the situation and how refugees EXAGGERATED their predicament.

I usually try to shrug these things off and do the usual "american media is rotten and crawling with maggots, what do you expect" spiel but jesus, these people dont make it easy.


disreputable bird said...

Since it's now known that reports about the "Lord of the Flies" scene going on at the Superdome were horribly exaggerated, FOX has decided that the suffering must have been exaggerated, too. Jerks. Most people I read say that describing New Orleans as dangerously chaotic delayed aid because people were afraid to enter the city, and they also condemn it as irresponsible. Yeah, I watch FAUX every now and then, just to keep up with the other side's spin - and get my blood pressure spike - but not everyone thinks that way (I hope).