Saturday, September 10, 2005


So I also teach junior high school kids and one of them, Henry, is by far the strongest personality and his English is quite good. Anyway, I saw him peering into another classroom last week and I asked him why and he said "Teacher, there are pretty girls in that class."

This week, my TA Bob told him
"Henry, don't be a peeping Henry."
after consulting their electronic dictionary, Henry very indignantly said "No, I ADMIRE girls, I don't peep at them."
I explained that usually someone that looks at girls is called a "Peeping Tom" at which point Bob said, "Or in your case, a Peeping Henry."

Actually the whole class generally gives Bob a hard time, once he came to school with a shirt with a bar code on it, and the whole class kept asking him, "Bob 你賣多少?" Pretty much after that he decided to quit. Anyway, I mentioned that they would probably be sad that he was leaving since they like him to translate for them. He replied (half) kidding I think, "Just tell them that I hate them."


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nien said...

what? no more leehom sightings? =)

lovelesscynic said...

I've been so busy, I haven't really had time to go wandering around like I used to. One of the other teachers is on vacation, so everyone is subbing for him and I hit all his test days so I've had to correct a ton of stuff for him, plus all of my stuff. I did see Leehom once yesterday though.