Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Triumvirate of Terror and more stories from Teaching English

Remember the loud class that I mentioned? I once again had to send a kid out of the classroom, this time it was Loud Andy. I also suspect that I intervened and saved Willy from potential social humiliation when Andy jumped on him and another girl, Wendy, wrestled his paper away from him. I just took it and asked him if he wanted it back or if I should give it to him after the break. And he said, "After the break." Things like this sort of make me wonder what the hell I'm supposed to be doing? I'd feel a lot better if I knew for myself where I'm supposed to stand on things like these. Should I intervene or mind my own business? It's like being a HA all over again.

However quite a few kids said goodbye to me as they left and Wendy offered me some of her crackers after class, which was really nice because I was incredibly hungry. I actually like that class a lot, and they have now stopped insulting me.

Yesterday, I had a late dinner with my TA Ann. We went to this really hilarious place, a train themed restaurant. By which I mean there are traffic signals and you actually have to walk on gravel filled railroad ties for part of it. All of the staff are very cooler than thou and the whole time, hip hop music was blaring. I'm going to have to go back there even though the food was terrible just because it's so funny.


Anonymous said...

that sounds like a cool place, the train themed resturant.

have you seen the coffee places that have swing sets for seats?

lovelesscynic said...

I haven't yet. Honestly, I haven't really worked up the courage to venture into sit down restaurants mainly because I can't read the menus. It works better for me when I can just point and pay.