Saturday, July 16, 2005

My school

I haven't really talked much about my workplace. I'm still getting the hang of teaching. The people, particularly the foreigners here are sort of odd. Although they are all very nice, at the end of the day, you go your way and they go theirs and that's sort of it. Daniel, my other roommate who I have not seen in a couple days for all that we supposedly live together, and I compared notes last week and we both noticed that everyone here already has their little world and they don't really feel inclined to add to it.

Anyway, K. is my boss. He's from Canada, although ethnically Chinese. At work he wears one hat and out of class he puts on glasses and another hat so that his students won't recognize him. L., also from Canada, he's pretty quiet, I don't know much about him except that he studies Chinese in Taibei and has a Taiwanese girlfriend. M is the other American in the office and also used to live in Seattle for a while although he's originally from the East Coast. G, also from Canada, who I'm replacing and is leaving for Canada tomorrow. She's been pretty nice, I'm sort of sad she's leaving since she's probably one of the most social people in the office. O also from Canada the other woman in the office. A, who has been here longer than anyone else, is from Australia. He likes to talk a lot. Rodger my roommate who I've mentioned before. And E, who's Chinese and lives with her grandmother but she's from South Africa too. There are quite a lot of Chinese teachers there as well. Y who is a teacher's assistant is well respected in the office as well as being the only Chinese man who is there most of the time. D who is a co-teacher of mine. There are a lot of others but they mostly keep to themselves.

See how well I know these people?

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