Thursday, April 26, 2007

West 32nd

So Mike Kang's new movie, starring John Cho premieres in New York this week. Apparently it's some kind of gangster movie. Although I prefer Kal Penn to John Cho, I'm pretty excited.

I've been unlucky enough to be out of the country for the last two years which have also been an extremely (and arguably unprecedentedly) productive time for Asian American cinema. Honestly, when I see a movie, I want to see something I have not seen before. Asian American films guarantee me that I will see something I haven't seen before. Or at the very least, Asians who aren't stereotypes. Unless of course this is one of those wacky ethnic family comedies, (Saving Face and Red Doors, I'm looking at you,) but the less said about them the better.

That said, the fact that there are over 10 movies made in the last 2 years, that I want to see is pretty exciting.

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Nien said...

after watching the trailer, i think the other guy is going to take over the screen. the badass one with all the girls.