Saturday, April 07, 2007

*$&# this

If Eric Liu fucking spends the entire lesson texting someone on his cell phone and then shows it to his goddamn wife when he thinks I'm not looking, I will not be responsible for my actions or my blood pressure.

I've been angry from about 11:30 am to now. Good for the circulation, that.

On a more positive note, I read Magniloquence's post about hair politics and this has soothed my savage breast somewhat. If only because it is quite complex, interesting, and personal all at the same time.

Fuck this work shit, I'm going to go sleep on my mother's couch and sell my plasma.

On a more negative note, (is there any other kind of note with me?) apparently it is confirmed Jet Li is in talks to be the villain in the Mummy 3. Y'know, now I'm kind of glad Bruce Lee died young. Just so it never came to something like this.


Jeff said...

Yeah, so much for giving up his acting career to study Buddhism. He might as well just go all the way to the bottom and be in a Rob Schneider movie next.

lovelesscynic said...

Ssh, he'll hear you, then he'll go and do it. I'd almost be sickly interested to see the result of such a collaboration between the two.

Would they call it Deuce Bigalow Kung Fu Gigolo?

Nien said...

eric liu? the guy who wrote that book?

disreputable bird said...

Oh, we were wondering what Jet Li was going to do now that he's made his last wushu movie, and now we know. Maybe it's not true.

Jeff said...

Deuce Bigalow Kung Fu Gigolo?

Very funny, don't give them any ideas.

"Also, Jet Li will be the head Mummy in a group of Mummies that were the Terracotta army."

Good lord.

exangelena said...

Your link to Magniloquence is broken.

lovelesscynic said...

it should work now.