Sunday, April 01, 2007

The cockroach is the worst of all animals

I killed my first cockroach of the year today. And it seems that the ants have also returned after a long absence. Do cockroaches have any ecological benefit? At all? I find myself taking after my grandfather, shooting cockroaches down with Raid. I only took to the Raid when I once mashed a cockroach in two,and the front half continued to try to crawl around, I put the dustpan on it and left it for 15 minutes, and lifted it up, and it STILL tried to run away. Cockroaches are tenacious little motherfuckers.

On a lighter note, I finally, after a year and a half of searching, own a copy of A Tale of Two Sisters. In my opinion, the best Asian horror film since The Ring. And only minimal appearances of a lady with hair over her face. After having watched it for maybe the fourth or fifth time, I think I finally understand it.

It's that type of film.

Why am I acquiring more possessions when I'm leaving the country in less than two months you ask? That's an excellent question.


Laurel said...

The most fun way to kill roaches is to flush them down the toilet. If you don't do it right, of course, they'll crawl back out again, but that shouldn't deter you. Right as they are about to get sucked under, you throw in a little bit of toilet paper. Thinking themselves saved, they will cling to it, and in their hubris they shall be sucked under with the toilet paper.

I find a hammer works quite well.

My mom and I kept a rubber cockroach in the kitchen drawers for years. In fact I think it's still there. It never failed to freak out whoever opened the drawer, even now many years since we have lived far away from such horrid creatures.

Nien said...

get one of those roach motels. the damn things eat each other's carcasses so it's not enough to smash them. the motels have poison bait so they'll eat it and die and then their buddies will eat them and then poison themselves. it's brilliant.

lovelesscynic said...

death through cannibalism, what an appropriate disgusting death for a disgusting creature.

hey Laurel, I used to do that to ants when I was a kid. However, cockroaches seem a little bit too tenacious.