Saturday, April 07, 2007

History, doomed to repeat, perhaps you've heard?

So, this recently came to my attention, as all things do, via Angry Asian Man. Apparently the White House is considering a new type of immigration "reform" which would grant more visas for undocumented workers, but apparently prevent American citizens from bringing non citizen spouses, children, or parents to the US.

It's being compared to the Chinese Exclusion Act, which not only restricted Chinese immigration, but also prevented the children or wives of Chinese residents from joining in the US. For fear they would spawn.

Angry Asian Man as usual has all the information here.

Apparently there's an organization organizing a write in, as well as a call in. Considering how much illegal stuff that the White House pulls these days, I can't say I'm optimistic about the chances of success, but hell I'll do it anyway. And so should you, if things were different, or if my ancestors had not been successful in navigating or evading exclusion acts and immigrant quotas, and that goes for anyone not purely of northwestern European ancestry pre-World War 2, this could be me, it could be you. Or maybe it is you.

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