Saturday, October 29, 2005

Evil Geniuses

I'm now familiar enough with the Taiwanese transportation system to read on the bus again, so I've found a new way to read comics in my spare time. Needless to say that this means I'm back into Deathnote again, and about a third of the way through Volume 2. 月 has now moved on from killing criminals to killing FBI agents and the detective L is still on his tail. There's some added plot development with a mysterious woman dressed in black, and further developments in the Deathnote. It's surprisingly suspenseful although the two main characters don't really interact at all, but they are also shown to be remarkably similar. 月 is just getting more and more evil, even showing up to watch the people he kills die in person. The art is still very good, and it communicates the difference in personality between the two characters.

Speaking of little geniuses, I have a little kid in one of my classes named Lee. He's very cute and although he's not the best student, he's getting better. Generally he's quite quiet but also mischeveous. Every now and again, I'll hear him saying "Hee, hee, hee." in a small voice and rather than drawing pictures, he takes his pen apart and puts it back together again.

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