Friday, October 07, 2005

Culture Shock

Yesterday, my friend took me over to the Sacred Heart (yes, there's a Catholic School in Jilong) unofficial foreigner diner and there were probably about 20 white people there, most of them with blue eyes and blonde hair and I experienced the most profound culture shock I hardly knew what to do.


nien said...

man, it's like always that when i go out to lunch with white people who are not in bcrew. i always have to remind myself about knife in one hand, fork in other, elbows in, gentle sawing motion, etc., etc. man it sounds like some sort of wuxia training manual huh?

Anonymous said...

my mom was telling me about how some english cram schools only hire whites with blond hair so to make their school seem more "authentic".

its not surprising in the least bit.

what is "bcrew"?