Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Reader Poll (For all three of you)

So I met a couple new people and they asked me to help them pick English names. One requested a "not girly" name and the other one said she really didn't care just as long as it wasn't Tina, Michelle, Wendy, Patty, Angel, Cindy or the 7 other commonly given English names here. I've been looking but short of going through a name book I think I haven't really come up with great ones. If you have a suggestion or preferably 5, please post it here.


disreputable bird said...

Just whatever floated into mind: Amy, Lily, Caroline, Lena, Rose, Cynthia, Joan. Maybe Amelia, Ophelia if not too long. Or Violet (but not Sunny).

nien said...


disreputable bird said...

Julia, Elinor, Louise!

Anonymous said...

vicky is way too common, i know five taiwanese vickies.

Sometimes people try to phonetically match their english names with their chinese names, and that is kind of nice.


lovelesscynic said...

Yeah, there are tons of people with diminuatives for names. I have many Willys but just one William. Andys but no Andrews, Bills, Vickies, Bobs etc.

talica said...

Alice, Isabella, Mary, Betty, Camilla, Elizabeth, Lucy, Christina, Claire, Stella ...

kvr said...

Alex or Alexa
um, Shelley?
Risa? Lisa?

ASJ said...

Danny for a girl- Short for danielle, but she never has to use that. Risa also rocks. Why don't you try pulling some Hum 110 shit and name them something from the Iliad.

jamaica said...

I'd've gone with Dana instead of Danny, though I know a female Danny as well as a male Danny.

I actually rather like the name Clara, but that might be confusing. =p

Melissa, Althea, ummm.... for some reason, you have managed to completely drive all female names from my head (that aren't somewhat strange/ghetto) with this question.

Chris suggests Eleanor, Lynnette, Voltron... I think he's just going off on a tangent now.