Monday, October 10, 2005

Happy (Frickin') National Holiday

For those of you not in Taiwan, today is Taiwan's National Holiday aka Independence Day. People on the Mainland get a whole week, Taiwanese people only get a day. I'm suppressing a sarcastic comment about winners and losers right now. Those of you who are aware of the outcome of the KMT vs. CCP conflict can fill in the blanks for yourselves. I seem to be celebrating National Holiday by getting sick. This sickness seems to manifest itself by making me fall asleep uncontrollably any time I sit down or lie down for a second. This is particularly inconvenient for me when I am wearing glasses. Fortunately I haven't broken them yet. It also involves the unique experiences of waking up with various pains in various places because I have fallen asleep on a remote control, a CD case, Gao Xinglian's Soul Mountain, my cell phone, or my hand. This also means that I haven't done anything productive today.

"Perhaps I'll translate some song lyrics and you know, work on my Chinese." "Perhaps I'll wash some clothes so I'll have something to wear tomorrow." "Perhaps I'll return my friend's phone call." Two or three hours later, the windows are strangely dark and Wang Leehom's "Not Your Average Thug" is playing on my computer. And it always is. And somehow I feel even more out of it than before. It's been an odd couple of days.

On a brighter note, I met a couple pretty cool people today. Hopefully I'll see them again. It did my Chinese some good probably. Anyway this is more of an apology to those of you whom I've been flaking out on, I'll be back to my usual sarcastic self soon I promise.

Over and out.


Anonymous said...

narcoleptic cold?
odd symptoms....stay in bed, get well soon.


Anonymous said...

That sounds reminiscent of what I had around spring break of junior year. It helped to stay in a noisy environment...but then I couldn't study at all.

Feel better soon.

disreputable bird said...

It sounds like your body's trying really hard to fight something off and doesn't have much energy left for other things, like staying awake long enough to fall asleep in a reasonable place.

(Could I offer this quote as a possibly therapeutic, amusing mental image? Ronnie Earle on the DeLay case: "This investigation is a little like clowns coming out of a Volkswagen in the circus. There's always another clown coming out.")

In the meantime, take lots of vitamin C and sleep as much as you can. I read somewhere that your immune system kicks into high gear when you're asleep. Hope you feel better soon.