Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Yet more stories from Teaching English

Yesterday I asked my class (it should be obvious to most readers of this blog which class this is) what the teacher before me was like. I wasn't really expecting the wealth of responses that this got.
"She yelled a lot. She said we were bad. She said we were crazy and she was a crazy teacher." And then, "She really liked John. (John was the dimmest bulb in this class, he failed K8 and is repeating it again.) If John got a B-, she would say 'John, good job!'" I'm not sure if the scorn in this statement translated into scorn for John or not.

On the subject of people named John, one of my fellow teachers passed by this boy and said "Hello John." he didn't answer and she said, "You say, 'I'm fine, thank you.'" Later he came into the office and he gave her the most indescribable look and said to his teacher in Chinese, "She called me "John" and forced me to say, "I'm fine thank you." His name is Justin.


nien said...

HAHAHA oh, man, that's rich!

disreputable bird said...

You're going to write a book about all this stuff someday, right?