Friday, January 26, 2007

The Xanga Generation Part 2

You know I'm almost positive that no one reads these rants of mine. But whatever. I do think the existence of Xanga and rice rockets signify the existence of an emerging Asian American identity. And possibly with that some sort of uniquely Asian American culture?

I'm not even really sure what I think about this, however, I think that our identity is becoming less and less that age old story of being the only Asian kid for miles and miles around and having that warp a sense of self. You know, obsessing about the black hair and narrow eyes. Wanting to be blonde. Although in all fairness, I know people like that too. Instead, we've started identifying ourselves against other Asians. And there are tons more Asian Americans hanging with other Asians, not in a self conscious way, but rather like the characters in Derek Kirk Kim's "Same Difference."

This is proved of course, by my scientific theft of something off a group on The Facebook. The group itself is titled "I Ain't No Ghetto Asian." and the description reads,

"For the Asians whose cell phones aren't rigged with those crazy ass lights, whose cars aren't riced out, whose hair isn't reminiscent of eye-stabbing weapons, and who d0n'T tYPe lYke ThIs."

As dubious as my source is, something that can be seen in the creation of this group is the effort of some Asians to distance themselves from the so-called "Ghetto Asian" which they obviously feel is somewhat overpoweringly prevalent or why bother making a facebook group to proclaim your non-identity?

I don't know if I'm necessarily saying that this trend will be something huge. I guess I'll say I think it's something that might become something. I won't be any clearer than that.

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exangelena said...

At the risk of sounding whiny, I'm a non-black haired, non-narrow eyed Asian and I've begun to become very self conscious about being that way. I think that it's also difficult because I'm Asian-American and most of the Asians are from Asia (or their parents are) and are from Asian ethnic groups that ... ah ... don't really like mine very much!