Saturday, January 06, 2007


I've been running around like a madman. Most advisable while also having ongoing asthma problems. Anyway, I went to the hospital for my health check. Every so often, a nice lady will take pity on me because I seem so freakin' clueless. That happened at the hospital, she even called me on my cell phone to tell me I left my passport at the hospital. It was really one of those, How have I even lived this long? moments.

In other assorted news, there are few things I hate doing more than shopping for clothes, and there are fewer items of clothing that I hate buying more than I hate buying pants. I bought two pairs of pants. I may even have to buy a few more, so I don't wear them into the ground like I usually do with my clothes. I also bought a sweater vest. I'm not sure exactly what this says about me.


nien said...

can we get a picture of you in that sweater vest?

Jamaica said...

It says that you were cold, and there was something nearby which would make you less so.

And I second the request for a picture of this sweater vest!

I am having a hard time with it, mostly because my mind keeps conjuring up the neon green argyle sweater vest my (male, and otherwise very conservatively dressed) coworker came up with yesterday, and the thought of you in colors that bright is confusing me. (And, okay, making me giggle a little bit. Jewel tones, however, would probably look glorious on you.)

Jamaica said...

By "having a hard time with it," clearly, I meant "having a hard time imagining it."

lovelesscynic said...

Depends on how much you're willing to pay me to take a picture of myself.

And sorry to disappoint you, Jam, it's black. (Surprise, surprise.)

Jamaica said...

*snickers* That's reassuring, at least. If it looked anything like what I had in my head, I think you'd've burst into flames before you got it over your head. Seriously.