Monday, January 29, 2007

Navel gazing

Somewhere along the line, I started being able to read Song dynasty poetry (well with the help of extensive footnotes and the dictionary). I'm not sure how that happened. To me, to some extent, this signaled to me that I've almost accomplished what I set out to do when I moved here. My real goal is to read Honglou meng, but that's another story.

However, as much as I've enjoyed my time here, I'm definitely feeling like it's time to come home. In fact, I kind of wish I was leaving a little sooner. However, being here a bit longer, I'll improve my Chinese a bit more. I'm just starting to feel more and more like it's time to move on.

Looking back on it, it's sort of difficult for me to say whether my time here has been well spent. It kind of is what it is at this point. There's no point in evaluating it. That said, I've certainly learned a lot here. Even if it wasn't what I thought it would be.

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