Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years Day

I climbed this hill. Since I had another Monday off and the weather was nice, I decided to be kind of irresponsible and go hiking. It was a really weird trip. On the way there, I ran into doubles of this guy I knew in high school and this guy that I know here. 真嚇我一條.Plus I also ran into a couple teachers from my former school who didn't recognize me. Either my hair does have a great influence over my appearance or all Asians really do look alike. Seeing all these people made the day sort of weird, and I was already feeling kind of weird as it was. I'm kind of glad New Year's Day is over.

My mother often says that the stuff you do on New Year's Day will be rather common throughout the year. If this is true, I guess I'll be seeing a lot of doppelgangers, old coworkers, and I'll climb a lot of stairs in 2007.

Since I was by myself, I could go as far as I wanted, so I walked to the top of 茶壺山.Everything's in black and white, clearly I miss my old SLR camera.


little light said...

You know, C, you do painfully gorgeous work. I've been meaning to say so ever since someone pointed this project of yours out to me.

lovelesscynic said...

little light do I know you from college? Another classmate mentioned you'd linked to me, and asked if I knew you. I assume it was through fireflynightlight, and after that I've been trying to figure out who you are.

as for the compliment, thanks a lot. Maybe I'll pursue it more when I'm rejected from grad school.

little light said...

You do indeed. I found your blog through Katie and Jess.
I try and keep my blog persona discreet and discrete, mind you, so I hope you understand if I'm not just flat-out.
I was a Pope, if that rings any bells.

lovelesscynic said...

ah yes, I visited your site, and after that it was pretty easy to figure out who you were. I mean really how many multiracial people were there anyway?

and now you've become a famous blogger, cool.