Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Longtime readers of this site know

I love Mandarin pop. However any Chinese artist who uses the word "homies" in his rapping is automatically out. Without question. People who can use the word "homies" correctly and without irony are rare even in the US.

Don't mess with it.

That's why I like Jay Zhou Jielun, he knows his limits.


Anonymous said...

oh, i love Chinese pop too.

once you've gotten over the incredible humiliation of liking it, its not so bad really.


MC HotDog:

"我愛台妹 台妹愛我 對我來說 林志玲算什麼
我愛台妹 台妹愛我 對我來說 侯佩岑算什麼

Yo Yo Yo Yo !! Come on~ Yo Yo !!"

Magniloquence said...

t*snickers* "Homies?"