Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Who I'm reading

So long long long ago and far away, Vox tagged me for the who I'm reading meme, but I was in the process of preparing for the vacation that I've already talked so much about, and where all these pictures came from. So I didn't really have time to think about it much.

Unlike most other people, I don't have a blogroll of godlike proportions. And most of these people have already been tagged. But hey, I don't get tagged for a meme very often, so why not? I'll try to pick some people who aren't super ubiquitous.

1. I've been reading a lot of Rachel's Tavern. (Did I say I was going to pick people who aren't super ubiquitous, sorry, I can't help myself.) I like thinking about how race is constructed, and she's usually got something for me.

2. Sepia Mutiny. I don't agree with it all the time and most of the desi pop culture references I don't get. However, it's a damned fine blog and I find a lot of what's posted there very interesting. I often wonder when reading it, "Why can't we (East Asian Americans) do something like this?"

3. I read Vox ex Machina. This smacks of sheer suckuppery, (and self referentiality) but it's true. Vox always meticulously follows through on news stories and link roundups. Between her and Magniloquence I'm really set for life. I'm a lazy little netizen. Vox and Mag are kind of like Tivo for blogs. (Actually I've never even seen Tivo, but I've been told by several reputable commercials that it's very convenient, so I'll go with that analogy anyway.)

4. Having Read the Fine Print. It's kind of hard to describe why I like this blog. However, it makes me think, and I sometimes read the posts several times in order to make sense of them.

5. Oh and finally, I snagged this from Little Light's blogroll. I don't like romance novels, (you might infer this from the handle) which is the main subject of Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Books, however I love well written and hilarious book reviews almost as much as I dislike music reviews.

so that's that. I've got a job interview tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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Magniloquence said...

Job interview! For that thing? Or something else?

Gooooo you! *cheers you on from the sidelines*