Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Deliverymen's Uprising

Thanks to angryasianman, I read this interesting article in the NYT about Chinese deliverymen in New York, and how groups of them are suing restaurants for mistreatment, and being underpaid. I've heard a lot of stories of deliverymen getting beaten and killed, thanks of course to Angry Asian Man.

The article is a pretty good one, as far as I can tell. It's clearly quite sympathetic to the deliverymen, while at the same time telling one of the owner's side of the story. Both owners and deliverymen are Asian immigrants, the owner in question being a refugee from Cambodia, and the deliverymen are Chinese immigrants, in large part from Fujian, and some undocumented.

I don't know if uprising is the best word. The author uses words like uprising and revolt, to describe the deliverymen's actions. I'm not sure if they're accurate or not, they are loaded with meaning though.

Another thing I found interesting was that Mexican deliverymen to a nearby restaurant have also filed a lawsuit against another restaurant. Kai Chang among others, has made the case that undocumented immigration is an area in which Asian Americans and Latinos can work together. This article seems to indicate something similar.

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