Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Conversations from the kitchen table

so this afternoon, my mother and I were sitting eating guacamole. My sister had a stomach ache, and so she didn't finish the turkey that she was eating and my mother started putting the turkey away. Then she commented, When I was buying it, the checker at the store is from Indonesia, and he asked what we did with it. And I said we put it on bread. And he said that in Indonesia they grind it up with ice and add sugar."

Then she added, "My dad used to do that, he said it was Filipino style, to add sugar and make it sweet."

At which point, I said "Turkey sorbet?!"

And she said, "No, avocado!"

I said "Oh."

She said "The savior faire of the international traveller, you didn't even bat an eye."

And then we both sat next to each other silently, trying not to choke on what we were eating for the laughter.

Note: this may not be as funny as if you were actually there. But I feel compelled to preserve it for posterity nontheless.


Factorial said...

We used to take turkey when I was a kid and mash it up with our fingers and add shoyu and pepper and sugar and make it into a kind of a paste. My mom thought it was the grossest thing she'd ever seen, but every so often I crave this.

lovelesscynic said...

it's kind of weird the things that we miss, isn't it.

nien said...

savior faire << wow, you guys use such fancy words at the dinner table.