Monday, March 05, 2007

What is wrong with me?

As a result of still kind of having some kind of stomach bug, I've been eating some pretty plain stuff. However, I've managed to become addicted to and devour a bag of Lychee/Coconut jellies, you know the ones that come in little plastic cartons and have warnings about them getting stuck in your windpipe? I ate an entire bag tonight. They are curiously soothing to the stomach.


mark said...

You're sure it's not giardia, or something awful like that? I got giardia once in Taiwan. It's chronic until you blast it out of your body with the requisite drugs.

lovelesscynic said...

I checked online for the symptoms of giardia. I don't think I have enough digestive problems for that. Mine's more of a garden variety cold with just a desire not to eat anything (except lychee jelly anyway).

Thanks for your concern though. I appreciate it!