Monday, March 26, 2007

CSI Season 2

Recently one of my coworkers lent me the second season of CSI. I've watched CSI before, when I was in college. Usually my two friends and I would end up wanting to throw things at the TV by the end of the hour.

I don't watch much TV and I never really have. However, I do think that CSI is interesting, for a number of reasons. It is/was a pretty popular show, and by watching it you can figure out how many people get their ideas about all kinds of things. For example, the BDSM episode, in which a sex worker is accidentally killed by a client, seem like they were sort of poorly researched, although I'm sure someone more knowledgeable than I can speak to this, but the first thing I was thinking when I watched it was, isn't there usually a safe word of some kind?

Not to mention the dreaded Asian episode. Every show seems to feel the need to have one every couple seasons. This one involves Mark Dascasos wearing shoepolish makeup and spouting stereotypical "Buddhist" sayings. It amused me however, that despite the lines being written in broken English, that both Asian actors' pronounciation makes it pretty clear that both of them are native speakers of English, no matter how hard they try. If in fact they were trying hard.

Interestingly, most of the episodes also center around white women in danger. Most of the people who are killed or harmed on the show are young blonde women under the age of 35.

These things aside, it seems to me that CSI is really about the triumph of science and technology over base human nature. The mysteries of sex, violence, and other lower emotions can be analyzed and explained by test tubes and scans.

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Laurel said...

I think the point of CSI is


Man I miss CSI thursdays. They moved without a trace to some stupid time slot so I never watch that anymore. And I've even lost motivation to keep up with LOST. But CSI? I'm still there every Thursday, usually yelling.

The episode with K-Fed was particularly painful.